Mute The Truth

Design available for sale. Email for the details.

King Slayer

The shirt available on my teespring store. Go to the link "here" to grab yours!


Design available for sale!


Design available for sale!


Design available for sale!

The Executionist

Design available for sale! Email for the details.

Corrosive Offering

Design available for sale!

Self Destruct

Design available for sale!

The D

Artwork for sale!


Shirt design for Drop Dead.


Shirt design for Bandoso.


Shirt design for Duskwalker.

Chained Mistress

Artwork for sale.


"I will bathe in gold as i drink your blood". Artwork for ATLAS from Florida, US. The design is for poster and t-shirt.  This was really fun and even better with no color limit for the coloring.

Brighter Side of Hell

Shirt design for Ethereal Sea and possibly they are gonna make it as poster as well. This was a lot of fun!!

Shallow Grave

Shirt design for Duskwalker

The Pointiff

Shirt design for Findtees, inspired from Darksouls3 boss " Pointiff Sulyvahn".

Shadow Strike

Envenomed dagger allows to make the victims dead from suffering. Design available for sale!.

Atlas Heart

Done for Atlas form Florida.


Illustration for FINDTEES. Inspired form "Darksoul 3" Nameless King. For purchase "click here" .


T-shirt illustration for CORPSE GARDEN from Costa Rica.

Sleeve art.


T-shirt illustration for ALESTORM from Perth, Scotland.